President & Ceo

John Akhile Sr., is President and CEO of African Trade Group LLC.

John Akhile Sr

He has authored two books on international trade and has more than two decades of international trade experience. The first of his two books was on financial engineering of trade. It is titled, Compensatory Trade Strategy : How to Fund Import and Export Trade when Hard Currency is in Short Supply. The second book is, “Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade with the World.” John Akhile Sr. is at the helm of a network of experienced experts in: trade arrangements and deal structuring; legal dispensation; compensatory trade engineering; structured trade financing; marketing making of securities in domestic and international arenas; and industrial enterprise development.They are the foundation and crux of service delivery of African Trade Group. Ur team is why we can meet every challenge and opportunity posed to us by customer.


Who we are

Our Mandate

African Trade Group is committed to using our trade engineering expertise to catalyze regional and intra-African trade and industrialization of African countries.We also cater to companies around the world who are interested in the products and services we offer. Our objective is to be the preferred partner for traders, manufacturers, producers and purchasers of commodities (ferrous as well as non-ferrous) in every part of the world who desire to introduce products into African markets and to import products from African countries. We will achieve this objective through developing and sustaining long-term business partners and relationships in every part of the world using our commitment to delivering exceptional service, cost of goods factor and by adding value at every step of the supply chain for our valued clients.

Our Vision

African Trade Group aims to be a critical component of African countries ascendancy in global commerce through industrial exports. In addition to fostering the rise of export industries in every African country, African Trade Group aspires to become the premier company in the trading of commodities and manufactured goods of African origin. African Trade Group will channel trade engineering expertise to facilitate vast expansion of intra-Africa trade. By 2016, African Trade Group will have company-owned and managed operation centers in every African country and territory.

What We Do

African Trade Group LLC is an Africa-Centric broker of industrial projects, commodities and Compensatory Trade (offsets, barter, parallel barter, compensation trade, evidence accounts, switch trade, etc.)
We are Exporters and Importers of general goods for commercial, industrial and consumer applications.

Industrial Conversion in African countries

We are promoting industrial conversion industries for African countries to convert raw materials to value added products for export

Cashew Packed raw whole and pieces; roasted canned or bagged; roasted flavored Cocoa: Chocolate derivative products
Coffee Roasted and packed for whole and retail consumers
Timber Milled products, furniture and sundry applications


African Trade Group LLC. is a unique company that is focused on the continent of Africa. African Trade Group LLC is a proud Africa-Centric supplier of:


A supplier of a wide range manufacturing and processing industries to clients in all African countries.

Infrastructure Industries

A supplier of infrastructure development projects in power generation and distribution, roads and toll-roads, goods and passenger rail systems, water treatment and delivery systems, gas delivery systems, renewable energy systems, etc.

Commodity Trading

African Trade Group wants to become the company of choice for supply of African commodities to the global market. Including, Hydrocarbons such as crude oil, petroleum derivatives and natural gas, palm oil and derivatives, cashew nuts, cocoa beans, coffee beans, bauxite, iron ore, gold, platinum, diamond, etc